Stop wasting time and money on advertising that doesn’t convert.

Discover how to attract, convert and retain more customers for your business.

Paul Ferry

Impact Marketer

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Stop it… Right now… Seriously!

Did you know, approximately 81% of Australian Small Business do NOT have a marketing plan?

That’s CRAZY, considering every business needs sales to survive, and the only way to consistently get sales is to have effective marketing and advertising strategy. No wonder so many small businesses fail…

I get it… marketing is hard. There are SO many things you need to do and they all need to connect. Nothing seems to work and you’ve already wasted thousands of dollars with other marketing ‘guru’s’ and never had any results. And of course, you’re now highly sceptical and overly cautious about trusting anyone with your limited ad spend.

For years now, you’ve focussed on the latest tools and listened to every slick salesperson who wants to sell you their particular product or service.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Social Media Expert
“You need to advertise on Facebook to get more likes and shares. Social proof gets results”

SEO Expert
“You need to focus on keywords to turn up in Google Search”

“Video converts better than any other media – Fact”

Website Designer
“You need to optimise your website and build landing pages”

AdWords Specialist
“You need a dashboard so you can see what’s happening with your traffic”

Book Publisher
“You need to publish a book to become a reputable and trusted authority in your industry”

The thing that most of these conversations are missing is
SIMPLE, Basic, Marketing Strategy!

Start with the basics

Understanding the basic foundations of marketing will help you attract, convert and retain more customers for your business.

This is, without doubt, the single most important thing to do before you spend any money on advertising. If you get the messaging wrong, then you are wasting your advertising dollars. You might as well flush that hard-earned money straight down the drain!

Understanding your customer’s types, their journey, their specific pain points, your competitive advantage, and creating strong value propositions and enticing hooks and lead nurturing systems sounds like a lot of hard work and very confusing, but that’s where we excel and do our best work!

Marketing Foundations will help you create a unique marketing plan for your business, with specific, measurable goals and regular progress updates to ensure you stay on track. It all starts with understanding where you are at right now, where you want to get to, and then charting a path to get you there.

Stop wasting time and money on advertising that doesn’t convert

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